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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

One of the things we love to do, is pick a rug that can bring a room to life! Finding the right rug can change a room completely. It's one part of the interior design process that we love...coming up with a great design!

Selecting a color palette, picking the perfect area rug and blending metals, leather, woods and fabrics. Fun, fun, fun! For this project, our client wanted a minimalist interior design vibe, so bringing a print to a rug was the best thing we could do, since the rest of the items we chose were solids, to complete the flow of the house.

We usually start with PAINT! Which paint colors go on the wall is critical to any room. It's "art" on a wall.

We then take the pain fabrics, wallpaper and SEARCH for the perfect rug. In this case, Stanton Carpet's "Iconic" line was our go to for not 1 but 2 rooms for our client.

The first one we chose was perfect for this living room design, we added bronze metal coffee table and size tables to bring out the natural browns in the floor and this rug, is a show stopper!

The second one we chose was for this minimalistic bedroom interior design, that pop of navy being used in the rug, really brought this this bedroom together nicely!


Bella B

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