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To Blog...To Blog...

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Social media has been a thing that we have struggled with in the past! Don't get me wrong...we have AMAZING followers, we always have a ton of content to post and genuinely do love sharing what we are working on....but it also comes with the pressure of every photo looking perfect and creating that "perfect" shot so everyone can say "I want that"! Instagram makes it hard for small businesses to thrive in this matter. Only 10% of your followers even see your photos! Which makes you did you find us to EVEN want to follow us? And who is really seeing anything we post!! We have had meeting after meeting on new strategies and at times we stay completely on top of it, then Instagram throws in a lovely new wrench of a problem and "likes" start to go wayyyyyy down!

So we decided on a 30 day regroup, no social media to see how we felt and to gather our thoughts on what our next steps should and will be! With that, we redesigned our website to make it fresh and super easy to navigate and also decided on a blog where we can post our thoughts and at times....those not so "perfect" photos!

Let the fun begin!

We really like WINE, I'm sure 25% of posts will represent that!

XOXO, (yes we miss Gossip Girl)

Bella B

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