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Indian Summer Color Palette

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Indian summer can be defined as "any spell of warm, quiet, hazy weather that usually occurs in both October and November".

The phrase "fall colors" brings up images and shades: reds, golds, bright oranges, yellows, browns, grays and nature fully alive for a few weeks each year.

There's a reason leaf-peeping is multi-million dollar business, after all. But while these colors are a signature of the season, they're not easily brought indoors - they're incredibly bold and can clash when not used skillfully. That's where the advice of a professional interior designer can come in handy.

Starting your morning off with a brisk run and taking in the gorgeous foliage is truly inspiring!

Taking in all of these awesome colors can create such a beautiful color palette!

If you're considering updating elements of your home for all or simply want to play with some of the season's more vivid colors, keep the advice of an Interior Designer in mind!

There are ways to elevate autumnal hues and make them work for your spaces.

See how many colors you can pull out from this photo!!


Bella B

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