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Go Green!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

We say YES to Greenery in your home!

The best watering!!!

Thank goodness for these faux plants! Not only do they warm up any space, but they also look ADORABLE in any room! The key to the cuteness....finding the right ones! Ones that looks "real-er" (is that a word?) then ones that you can tell are fake from a mile away! I'm immediately feeling bad for all of the ones that don't look so "real"....sorry home good ;-(

Faux Greens:

“There are no gardening mistakes...just experiments"....

This rings true to even faux greens and floral's! Try adding a few touches in some rooms in your house! Its a great way to accessorize without over accessorizing!

Faux-Florals = pure happiness!

Who doesn't like a flower next to your bed? Its beautiful to look at when you first wake up and it adds that something special to each room! Who also doesn't love the way the flowers look on the first day vs. after day 3-4 NOT so much! These faux florals are the perfect solution...and no clean up! Even better!


Bella B

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